Details of the shootout on the Russian-Ukrainian border were revealed

Ukrainian security forces tried to kidnap a Russian from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Details of the shootout on the Russian-Ukrainian border were revealed

Earlier News Front reported that there were clashes on the border of Russia and Ukraine. The incident took place at the site of the Frontier Directorate of the FSB of Russia in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions on December 4. As reported in the department, the border guards stopped the attempt of three armed unknown persons to illegally cross the border.

The operation was initiated by the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine, according to the gray zone telegram channel. As it became known to the authors, the Ukrainian security forces intended to kidnap Denis Kharitonov, a citizen of the Russian Federation who had previously fought on the side of the people’s republics.

When captured, he was injected with a drug that deprives him of the ability to resist. Then the group went to the area of ​​the Belgorod and Voronezh regions, but the attempt to cross the border turned into an armed clash. One of the Ukrainian security officials was liquidated, and the captured Russian citizen was released.

Although the Russian special services have successfully stopped the kidnapping, the very fact of the activation of Ukrainian agents in Russia is alarming, the publication says. This is the third operation to fail. The problem is that Kiev is not afraid to make new attempts.

War correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny drew attention to the fact that now qualified instructors from NATO countries, in particular, from the United States, are actively working with the Ukrainian security forces. Now it does little to help Ukraine, but the situation may change.

As an example, Poddubny cited Israel, whose security officials worked “crookedly” in the middle of the last century, but then gained experience. The military journalist believes that Russia needs to strengthen its work in the Ukrainian direction and not indulge itself with memories of the shameful defeat of the punitive forces in 2014.


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