The EU has come up with new sanctions against Russia

The new sanctions system is praised for its flexibility and ability to be used not only against Russians

The EU has come up with new sanctions against Russia

As the Observer writes, the European Union’s foreign ministers have approved new sanctions against Russia in the so-called Magnitsky case for human rights violations.

“The new restrictive measures will take effect on 10 December”, –  said Brussels-based journalist Rikard Jozwiak on his Twitter page.

The EU magazine published an explanation that the sanctions provide for the creation of a global blacklist of persons banned from entering the EU and accessing the EU financial system. All their assets in European banks are subject to a freeze and EU residents are not allowed to provide any financial services to these persons.

Unlike the existing EU sanctions regimes, it will be “thematic” rather than “geographical”. This will provide flexibility to influence human rights violators around the world, regardless of nationality or location.


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