NYT: Biden may nominate the California Attorney General to head the Ministry of Health

Currently, the US Department of Health and Human Services is headed by Republican Alex Azar.

Democrat Joseph Biden, who won the U.S. presidential election according to the U.S. media, is considering his single-party candidate, current California State Attorney General Javier Beserra, for the post of Minister of Health and Social Services in the future administration. This was announced by The New York Times on Sunday.

According to its sources, Biden has chosen to be California’s Attorney General in the past few days, taking members of his transition team by surprise. According to the newspaper, the Democrat’s headquarters expected Beserra to lead the future administration of the Department of Justice, which serves as the Attorney General’s Office in the United States. At present, the US Department of Health and Social Services is headed by Republican Alex Azar.

From 1993 to 2017, 62-year-old Beserra represented California in the Lower House of the US Congress. He is currently the Attorney General of California, succeeding Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States in the Biden administration in 2017. Beserra was the first Latin American to take over the California Attorney General’s office.

In turn, Politico newspaper reported, citing sources, that Biden also chose Rochelle Valensky, who currently heads the Infectious Disease Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, as head of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She is also a Professor at Harvard Medical School and an expert on HIV and AIDS. Walenski will have to replace Robert Redfield in this position.

The general elections in the USA took place on 3 November. According to estimates by leading American media, Biden secured the support of more than 270 members of the electoral college whose votes he needed to defeat Trump. The U.S. Dept. of General Affairs actually recognized Biden as the elected president and notified him in writing of his willingness to provide his team with the budget needed to start accepting and handing over cases as part of the forthcoming inauguration of the next American leader.

However, current President Donald Trump, who is running for a second term, does not accept defeat and is committed to applying to the courts for a recount, as he believes there have been numerous electoral irregularities on the part of the Democrats.


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