Trump said he don’t want to wait until 2024 to return to the White House

The current head of the White House, Donald Trump, speaking to supporters in Georgia on Saturday, said he did not want to wait until after the next election to reclaim his seat, making it clear that he was confident of winning the 3 November presidential election.

“The next big victory for our movement begins right here, on 5 January. We are going to get the White House back, we will win it again. We are also going to give back [Republicans] control of the [US Congress] House of Representatives. Then, in 2024, hopefully I won’t have to be a candidate, we’re going to win the White House again”, –  Trump said. –  “I don’t want to wait until 2024. I want to go back three weeks”, –  he added.

This is the first time Trump has made such a speech to supporters since the U.S. general election. The event is in support of Republicans David Purdue and Kelly Leffler in their re-election to the US Senate. On 5 January the state will hold the second round of elections to the Upper House of the Legislature. The balance of power in the Senate depends on the outcome of the vote.

Trump, in his speech, reiterated the many cases of election irregularities and fraud and criticized Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, who had previously been called upon to convene an extraordinary session of the local legislature to discuss the results of the election and to ensure that American signatures on the ballot papers are authentic. “I hope our legislatures and the Supreme Court of the United States will move forward and save our country,” the President said.


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