Trump has allowed the US to have “hypersonic and hydrosonic” weapons

The U.S. has the most advanced weapons ever, said the American leader

Trump has allowed the US to have "hypersonic and hydrosonic" weapons

U.S. President Donald Trump allowed the United States to have “hypersonic and hydrosonic” weapons without explaining what was meant by the second case. The current U.S. leader made a statement to this effect on Saturday, speaking to supporters in Georgia at an event in support of David Purdue and Kelly Leffler Republicans running for re-election to the Senate of Congress.

“We have the best, most advanced weapons in our country’s history”, –  Trump said at the first meeting with his supporters since the general election.  – “We have the latest fighters, the latest bombers and the latest hypersonic missiles. We have hypersonic and hydrosonic [weapons]”, –  said the American leader. Trump did not explain what exactly is meant by “hydrosonic” weapons, however, but only made it clear that the principle of its operation is directly related to water.

“We have all this. We have missiles that move seven times faster than any other missile in the world”, –  concluded the White House head. Earlier Trump made a reservation in his comments on American military developments, calling hypersonic missiles “hydrosonic”.

In mid-May, the US president declared that Washington was developing a “super-duper rocket”. According to him, the missile being created by the US will be “the fastest in the world”. Trump then gave no details. A recently published book by Bob Woodward, a veteran American journalist and editorial board member of The Washington Post, claims that the United States has developed a new nuclear weapon system, of which neither Russia nor China has any analogues.


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