Sandu has demanded the immediate resignation of the government

Moldovan President-elect Maya Sandu at a protest on Sunday demanded that the government resign immediately

Previously, Sandu appealed to Moldovans to protest in order to get the resignation of the Cabinet, which she believes is failing to cope with the sanitary and economic crisis, and to demand early parliamentary elections. Leaders of many opposition parties have indicated their readiness to participate in the protest.

Sandu supporters as well as representatives of various political formations gathered on Sunday in the square in front of the government building. They blocked traffic in the centre of the Moldovan capital and the building of the Cabinet was cordoned off by the police. People brought Moldovan flags, posters, with the help of which they called for the resignation of Prime Minister Ion Kika and the imprisonment of the current President Igor Dodon for corruption.

“There is only one way we can stop the mockery of the people – to hold early parliamentary elections, and for this we need one thing – the resignation of the government. The government must resign immediately and start the procedure to dissolve the parliament”, –  said Sandu.

According to her, the actions of the government and parliament against the people forced people to take to the streets at the height of the pandemic. She promised to fight to the end to achieve change in the country.


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