What will happen to the Nord Stream-2

Political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky commented on an article that was published in one of the leading German publications FAZ in his Telegram Channel.

“For many years, Russia and Germany have felt resistance to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline: on the part of Eastern Europeans, who feel deprived, and on the part of Americans, because the pipeline will make Europe dependent on Moscow. This is why America has decided on sanctions,” the article says.

It also notes that “U.S. intervention is not based on any right other than the right of a stronger one”. According to Sosnovsky, “the revelation of the German publishing house gives out behind-the-scenes agreements between the USA, Europe and Germany”.

“Washington renounces sanctions against government structures, in return receiving consent for sanctions against investors. At the same time, Germany is shouting loudly about the US extraterritorial claims, while completing the JV-2. As a result, investors are punished, Germany will keep its face and the USA will fulfill its promise. And what about Russia? Yes, of course – as planned, it will supply all of Europe with gas. And not only …”, the expert noted.