Russian deminers have begun demining in the Khojaly region of Karabakh

Russian sappers have started demining the area near the settlement of Khojaly near the Stepanakert airport.

The area is being cleared of explosive hazards with the help of a multifunctional robotic complex “Uranus-6” and a sapper department of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

As reported by Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Klyuchevsky, Deputy Head of the Humanitarian Demining Centre, no explosive objects have been found in this area so far. He also said that the use of the “Uranus-6” complex in conjunction with the actions of deminers makes it possible to carry out a high-quality and complete clean-up.

“Uranium-6″ is controlled remotely through an operator and can withstand up to seven explosions with the equivalent of an anti-personnel mine. It also has removable trawls,” said Klyuchevsky.

According to him, the robot is used by the Russian military in open areas, the topography of which makes it possible to use the equipment. However, the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh is also abundantly covered with hills and mountains, where demining has already been done mainly by engineers.