Soros attacks Poland

On the last Saturday in November, demonstrations were held in the cities of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to mark the 102nd anniversary of the granting of suffrage to Polish women

Soros attacks Poland

Also, male and female participants of the demonstrations spoke out against police brutality. A few days before, there were attempts to block the roads, and earlier… In general, the list of actions can be continued, since the booze has been going on for over a month and everything is noisy and passionate. However, there is no other way in Poland.

The reason for the riots was the decision of the Constitutional Court on the legality of abortion, which actually banned the termination of pregnancy. From now on, it is legal to do this when there is a real threat to the life of the mother and child, as well as if the woman is a victim of rape. If abnormalities are detected in the fetus (for example, Down’s syndrome), abortion is illegal.

The Constitutional Court ruled on October 22, and the protests began immediately. The most resonant was the action at the house of Jaroslaw Kaczynski – Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Law and Justice Party and generally the behind-the-scenes leader of the country. The demonstrators behaved aggressively, and the police used tear gas. A couple of days later, the protesters began to rush into the churches. At the same time, in addition to various posters (including the use of obscene language), rainbow flags of the LGBT community were used, because the demonstrators advocate not only freedom of abortion, but also the rights of sexual minorities. It is clear that in such conditions the priests had to stop services.

The attacks on the churches angered Kaczynski, who called on all honest Poles to defend the churches and, at the same time, threatened to severely punish the protesters. Liberal politicians and the media, of course, raised a howl and rushed to portray Pan Jaroslav as a kind of reincarnation of Wojciech Jaruzelski, the head of the socialist PPR, who imposed martial law in 1981 in order to bring down the wave of Solidarity protests and stop the creeping coup.

Many who in the post-Soviet space watched the events in Poland rubbed their hands vengefully: they say, here’s the support of the Ukrainian “Maidans”, here’s the “revolution” in Belarus. Among those who did not hide their satisfaction was the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who spoke in the spirit that they wanted to organize a mutiny in the republic, but got it themselves. However, not everythin is so simple. The protests in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are by no means spontaneous, they have an instigator – the movement “Polish women strike”. Among its leaders are Martha Lempart and Clementine Sukhanov.

Lempart was once an official, now she is the president of a construction company, but since 2015 Mrs. Martha has been an active social activist. At first she participated in the activities of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, and then became one of the founders of the “Women’s Strike”. The organization has been exploiting the topic of abortion since 2016, although Lempart personally should not worry about abortion, in general, since she openly declares her lesbian orientation.

According to Antoni Matserevich, ex-Minister of Defense, deputy of the Sejm and a person close to Kaczynski, Marta Lempart is backed by the same people who destroyed Poland during socialism, served the regime of Jaruzelski and the USSR. What can you say, Matserevich is hot. Once he was a fierce fighter against the authorities of the People’s Republic of Poland, was a member of Solidarity and still exposes the intrigues of agents of the KGB and the GRU. However, it is not Soviet spies who loom behind Lempart, and none other than George Soros.

Of course, if you directly ask the inspirator of the “Strike of Women” about her connections with the odious financier, then she will go into denial. Nevertheless, Marta Lempart took part in the European Parliament elections last year and lost them. Another thing is interesting: this lady was a candidate from the left-liberal party “Vesna”, whose face is openly gay Robert Bedron. “Vesna” is supported by Soros, although he tries to hide it. One more point: one of the leading publications in the country, Gazeta Wyborcza, provided powerful media support to the Women’s Strike.

Several years ago, she was added to the list of Soros assets.

In addition, a similar campaign against the abortion ban was recently launched in Ireland. It came to a referendum, it was held in April 2018, and as a result, getting rid of the fetus was legalized. The campaign was paid for by the structures of George Soros, and it had a symbol – a white lightning. By a strange coincidence, the emblem of the “All-Polish Women’s Strike” is a red lightning. By the way, in the camp of “Law and Justice” they say that it is lightning from the buttonholes of the SS men who terrorized Poland during the Second World War. However, we, as cultured people, are well aware that ancient Germanic runes were used in the SS.

But back to Soros. He has a long-standing dislike for Jaroslav Kaczynski and, moreover, is mutual. “A society without identity, for which Mr. Soros stands up, is very convenient for those who have billions, because such a society is easy to manipulate”, said Kaczynski and even threatened to drive all Soros NGOs behind Mozhai. But this is easier said than done. In 2017, there was a scandal in Poland caused by the actions of Bartosz Kramek, Chairman of the Board of the Open Dialogue Foundation. Kramek is a worthy foster child of Soros’s nest: he took part in the Kiev “Maidan”, wore an “embroidered shirt” and even got himself a Bandera wife, Lyudmila Kozlovskaya.

Three years ago, Bartosz Kramek announced a 16-point program. The goal was to overthrow the government of Law and Justice. It was proposed, for example, not to pay taxes to the “criminal regime”, sabotage the decisions of the authorities, and organize protests. In fact, Kramek publicly laid out a coup plan. Because of this, an unimaginable uproar arose in the media working for Kaczynski’s party. In principle, the Polish “Soros” could have been arrested. No! The authorities were honored only for the deportation of Kozlovskaya. Now she is in Belgium, although the Poles tried to prevent her from returning to the territory of the European Union. Bartosz himself was not touched, and today he is with all his heart with the “Strike of Women”, and at the same time scribbles angry posts on Facebook addressed to the Internal Security Agency. By the way, Kramek is also a mountain for the Belarusian “revolution” – his page is replete with white-red-white symbols.

The story with a couple of “Soros” is indicative in the sense that the Polish authorities had the opportunity to arrange a real defeat of the structures of the overseas adventurer, but they did not – the American financier turned out to be too powerful. The Open Dialogue Foundation and the Stefan Batory Foundation operate quietly in the Commonwealth. Well, the “Women’s Strike”, of course, too.

George Soros himself does not sleep. On November 18, he published an article “Europe must confront Hungary and Poland”. The reason for the publication was the battle for the EU budget for 2021-2027 and the distribution of funds for economic recovery from the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. Brussels believes that Budapest and Warsaw undemocratic reform of their areas of justice, and wants to punish them with money, cutting subsidies. The sums are huge: the Poles, for example, are owed 160 billion euros. However, the budget was passed unanimously, and Hungary and Poland vetoed.

Here Soros gives advice on how to solve the problem. In particular, he proposes to directly allocate money to local governments. It is clear that this refers to the municipalities that are under the control of the political forces hostile to Orban and Kaczynski. Another recipe is to bypass the veto by concluding a budget agreement between 25 EU states.

The idea was expressed by former Belgian prime minister and deputy Guy Verhofstadt (among other things, he is known for calling “to show Putin his place”). Verhofstadt’s proposal is under discussion. Incidentally, he is reasonably suspected of having links with Soros.

Well, in Poland itself, a political crisis is flourishing. Frightened by the protests (they are noisy, resonant, but not too large-scale), the authorities postponed the publication and implementation of the ruling of the Constitutional Court on the issue of abortion. And the “Women’s Strike” declares that it will fight until the resignation of the government or even the most unsympathetic ministers – Przemyslav Czarnek and Zbigniew Ziobro.

The first is the head of the education department, and he (oh, horror!) spoke badly about gays. The second is the Minister of Justice and simply a conservative, which is already a crime in the eyes of Martha Lempart’s comrades-in-arms. The prosecutor’s office opened a case against Lempart; the police are using tear gas and batons against the protesters. Well, the mass media serving Law and Justice scare the audience with the fact that the Women’s Strike is going to burn churches. In general, the battle with Soros continues.

Alexey Tkachuk, IA Alternative


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