Pushkov: the US elections were lost by the system, which is being implied as democracy

The Russian senator commented on the publication of the former US ambassador to Moscow.

In his Twitter account, well-known Russian publicist Alexei Pushkov drew attention to the regret expressed by former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul in connection with the recent speech of President Trump. McFaul felt that in this way Trump would discredit “American democracy”.

“Former US Ambassador to Russia, Trump’s ardent opponent McFaul worries that Trump, by insisting on a review of the election results, belittles himself and the American democracy. I suppose there is nothing to belittle after these elections.

“Before we had election day”, Trump says, “now we have weeks and even months of elections”. It is difficult to disagree with this statement: recounts were going on until the beginning of December. And even if these are Trump’s last weeks in the White House, the election was lost primarily by the system in the United States, which is plays the role of democracy there. They lost the image of the United States as a “shining city on a hill”. There is no more shine. Not anymore”, – wrote Pushkov.


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