EU worried about rising anti-Semitic sentiment amid pandemic

The member states of the union adopted a declaration condemning the increasing threats to Jews in Europe.

EU worried about rising anti-Semitic sentiment amid pandemic

EU countries have expressed concern about the rise in anti-Semitic sentiments in Europe during the pandemic. This is stated in the corresponding declaration, Deutsche Welle reports on Thursday, December 3.

Recently, 27 EU member states adopted a declaration designed to confirm their rejection of any manifestations of hatred of Jews. It calls anti-Semitism “an attack on European values”.

“The increasing threats to Jews in Europe, including the resurgence of conspiracy theories, open expressions of commitment to anti-Semitism, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increasing incidence of anti-Semitic crimes, give cause for concern”, – the declaration said.

In this regard, the signatory countries of the declaration demanded to toughen the prosecution for acts related to anti-Semitism.

“Ensuring the security of Jewish communities and institutions should have a priority in the EU”, – the document added.

Note that the growth of anti-Semitism in Europe is evidenced by the results of studies conducted by the European Agency for the Protection of Fundamental Rights.

We will remind that earlier Zelensky said about the low level of anti-Semitism in Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attacks on Hasidim in Uman and added that he had not encountered anti-Semitic statements during his election campaign.

Also, the Israeli ambassador said that the concept of anti-Semitism should be enshrined in the law of Ukraine. Ukraine must stop cases of anti-Semitism and bring those responsible to justice, said Yoel Lyon.


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