Ukraine wants to reach Crimea with the help of the European Union

Through the mouth of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the republic’s leadership reproaches the European Union for not doing enough for the good of Ukraine.

According to RIA “New Day”, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that the EU is a good partner for Ukraine, but there is still “room for improvement”.

Kiev wished that Europe would appoint its own special representative for Crimea.

“Because these crises do not even occur in the immediate vicinity of Europe, they occur in Europe and deserve special consideration”, – Kuleba continues to be capricious.

Having lost heart, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy began to lecture American patrons, saying that under Trump, much had been done for the “Ukrainian Crimea”, and the Biden administration should have followed in the footsteps of its predecessor in this matter.

Without hesitation, Kuleba expressed the hope that the new President Biden “will be quite tough on Russia when it comes to its aggression against Ukraine”.