Riga airport will be adapted to receive NATO military aircraft

The Ministry of Defense and Riga International Airport have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to reconstruct the air harbor in order to ensure its ability to receive military aircraft from NATO allies.

According to bb.lv, the Latvian government has agreed to allocate €530,000 for the reconstruction of the airport in Riga. The airport is planned to be adapted to serve the arriving aircraft and military personnel of NATO forces.

“In order for Latvia, as a host country, to support NATO Allies’ forces in peacetime or in times of crisis, it is important to secure certain resources, territory and infrastructure, as well as to provide the necessary access to the country’s ports, roads and airports. In this matter, the airport in Riga is of particular importance, which plays a strategically significant role in the implementation of tasks related to the defense of the state”, – the ministry emphasizes.

The new draft of the national defense concept states that “Latvia is responsible for receiving allies in times of peace and crisis, providing them with the necessary resources, infrastructure, territories, organizing their movement and priority access to the country’s airports, ports and roads”.