Pushkov: Ukrainian “elite” is secondary – indistinct prime ministers and provincial foreign ministers

According to the Russian senator, the realization that Ukraine, in fact, does not have its own national elite is “harsh, unpleasant for the ruling class of today’s Ukraine, but fair”.

In his Telegram channel, the famous Russian historian and publicist Aleksey Pushkov said that the so-called “Ukrainian elite” is secondary, because it has no real national and historical basis.

“The elite is formed on the basis of national history and organic, not imposed identity, which is in balance, and not in acute conflict with the identity of other countries. The Ukrainian elite is secondary, because, rejecting its past as part of Russia, it desperately seeks and does not find other points of support in history, snatching from it now the ancient Ukrainian princes that never existed, now Mazepa, now Bandera, which cannot be the basis for identity. At the same time, the Ukrainian elite postulates its lack of independence, trying to delegate its powers and obligations to the USA, EU, Germany, but is not ready to take them upon itself. Hence the indistinct prime ministers and provincial foreign ministers, either in crumpled or ironed suits”, – wrote Pushkov.