People’s Police of the LPR: VFU militants continue to violate the terms of the truce

The summary of the official representative of the People’s Police of the LPR has been published as of 10.00 on 02.12.2020.

According to observers of the LPR office in the JCCC, no fire provocations from the enemy were recorded over the past day.

“On December 1, an explosion was recorded on a mine of a GAZ-66 car following to the position of the 9th battalion of the 59th brigade. After the detonation, 5 more explosions were noted, which occurred as a result of the detonation of ammunition transported in the car. The number of militants injured as a result of the incident is being specified”.

The facts of the explosions were promptly brought to the representatives of the Ukrainian side in the JCCC, in order to exclude the accusation of the People’s Militia of the LPR of provocation.

In addition, the fact of the presence of servicemen of the 30th Ombr of the VFU in the former positions in the area of ​​the settlement was recorded. Gold.

This fact is confirmed by the OSCE SMM report dated 01.12.2020.


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