Expert: the United States intentionally violates international law and Russian legislation

Political commentators have spoken about the incursion of USS John S. McCain into Russian territorial waters.

According to the experts of the Telegram channel “Svarschiki”, the water area of ​​the Peter the Great Bay is the historical waters of Russia, the studies of the bay were carried out by Russian navigators back in the 19th century, and between the USSR and Japan there were bilateral agreements confirming the status of the water area.

“The United States has not yet ratified the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, while at the same time it is striving for the beneficial implementation of it (interpretations) by other participants in international law”, – the authors of the channel write. An example of the unreliability of this state, including before its NATO partners, who may suffer from Washington’s adventures.

The United States violates international law and the legislation of the Russian Federation, and soon they may pay for this, and those who will defend the Americans will have to answer.