Experts have compared combat effectiveness of the armies of Russia and Ukraine

Colonel General Ruslan Khomchak held a meeting with experts and journalists. There he summed up the sad results of the reforms of command and control according to NATO standards.

The director of the Defense Express information company, Serhiy Zgurets, asked the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, why the Ukrainian troops are still not equipped with automated control systems (ACS), which allow the operational control of troops and weapons, including reconnaissance and attack drones.

“This year, the Russian army received 40 brigade-level automated control systems – now they are in service with those units stationed near the border with Ukraine”, – Zgurets said.

According to him, the Ukrainian developments of the ACS allegedly exist, but they are demonstrated only during the exercises, and the command slows down their implementation for unknown reasons.

“You won’t see the automation of a combat unit. For years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have financed two projects: Dvin and Prostyr. According to Dzvon – UAH 700 million was spent, but the work was not shown even in half. A month ago, the General Staff commission on the acceptance of the next stage of this ACS finished its work. As a result, there is metal, a computer, a chair and a table, but there is no software”, – Khomchak explained.

According to Sergei Zgurts, the Ukrainian army “cannot be saved by the number of tanks”. Since “the Russian brigade performs the same task 5 times faster”.

“On the battlefield, the winner is the one who sees the enemy faster, transmits his coordinates faster, strikes and moves away. During the battle, infantry and tank units must know what is happening around, and all information must be in one network and flow into a single command post in real time”, – the expert is sure.

It is for this reason that in recent years new integrated management systems have been actively introduced in the Russian army. One of the new Russian automated control systems, created using elements of artificial intelligence, is called “Information system of combat control”. It is designed to support the work of the command of military districts and combined arms armies. Artificial intelligence will allow you to analyze incoming data and make forecasts of the development of events.


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