Sandu has less authority than Zelenski – will the new president change the situation in Moldova?

Maya Sandu’s resources have seriously declined since last year as she replaced the Prime Minister with the President of Moldova

Following last year’s parliamentary elections, the pro-Western bloc ACUM, of which Sandu was the leader, found itself in a parliamentary coalition with the Party of Socialists. Thus, Sandu was not only in the parliamentary majority, but also formed its own government.

However, it did not last long as prime minister. An attempt to bypass parliament and give herself the right to nominate candidates for the post of prosecutor general alone turned into a vote of no confidence in Sandu. The expert community believes that the move was deliberate, as Sandu failed in her duties.

But as president, she will not be concerned about such problems, says political scientist Igor Volnitsky. The head of the Republic of Moldova has less authority than the former comedian Vladimir Zelensky, who became president of Ukraine.
If Sanda really wants to rid Moldova of the remnants of the system of oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, she will need serious reforms. This cannot be achieved without the support of Parliament and the government.

“Sandu can only get this opportunity if her party gets power”, –  Volnitsky is sure. – “This requires early parliamentary elections, but before that, the government must either resign or resign.”