Pennsylvania in the spotlight

The other day, a federal judge stopped certification of the results of the Pennsylvania election. In her report, she described the conditions as “unconstitutional”

This is primarily a mass mail vote that violates the state constitution.

Meanwhile, a resolution to challenge the election was presented in the Pennsylvania Senate. The Republicans who have a majority there intend not to recognise the results of the vote and appoint voters who will not be obliged to support Biden.

Apparently, the high-profile Senate election rigging hearings in the State Senate have done their job and prompted the local Republicans to take action. Trump’s headquarters intends to hold similar hearings back in Michigan and Georgia.

It is worth understanding that even if 20 voters in Pennsylvania vote for Trump, it will not be enough for him to win. Trump has to win back at least three states, not just one Pennsylvania. But this will be an important moral victory for his team.

In the meantime, all claims for annulment of elections in disputed states are gradually moving to the Supreme Court. It is likely that America’s chief judges will have to say their word in the run-up to the electoral college vote – that is, by mid-December.

In the meantime, Trump’s steps to withdraw troops from the Middle East are bearing fruit. Since February 2020, the Pentagon has closed at least 10 major bases in Afghanistan. Some of them have been handed over to the Afghan army, while others have simply been put on hold.

If there is no hot conflict with Iran in the coming months, Trump will be the first US president since Jimmy Carter, who has not started new wars or increased America’s military presence outside the country.


Malek Dudakov