Biden suffered a leg injury while playing with his dog

President-elect Joseph Biden sprained his ankle while playing with his dog and suffered fractures in two of his bones.

This is reported by the American media.


“On Saturday November 28th, President-elect Biden slipped while playing with his dog Major and sprained his ankle. For safety reasons, an orthopedist will examine him this afternoon”, – the politician’s press pool said.

Later, the media cited a statement by Kevin O’Connor, who was Biden’s doctor for a long time. According to the specialist, X-ray images show “cracks in the lateral and intermediate sphenoid bones, which are located in the middle of the foot.” Most likely, a Democrat will need to wear an ankle brace for several weeks.

The current US President Donald Trump did not gloat and wished Joe Biden a speedy recovery.

“Get well soon”, – Trump wrote on Twitter, commenting on footage of Biden leaving Delaware State Hospital