Trump’s headquarters will sue the Court of Wisconsin

Trump’s headquarters will sue the Court of Wisconsin for the large number of “illegal votes”.

According to the current US President, the claim will be filed after the recount is completed.

Lawyers from the campaign headquarters of the current U.S. President Donald Trump are preparing a lawsuit in the court of Wisconsin in connection with the discovery of a large number of voters who “illegally voted”. The U.S. leader posted a report on Twitter on Saturday.

“Recounting votes in Wisconsin is not a search for errors in counting votes, but a search for people who have illegally voted. The lawsuit will be filed after the vote recount is completed on Monday or Tuesday. We found a lot of illegal votes”, –  the President wrote.

Last week, the authorities in Wisconsin granted Trump’s lawyers a request for a recount in two districts in this American state – Milwaukee and Dane – of the ballots received there in the general election held on November 3. Prior to this, the incumbent president’s office had transferred $3 million to Wisconsin authorities for the recount in the two constituencies. According to Trump’s lawyers, there have been instances of “illegal changes to ballots cast in absentee ballots, illegal issuance of absentee ballots, and illegal advice provided by officials to circumvent the laws of Wisconsin regarding the presentation of voter identification” in these districts.

The President also commented on Friday’s decision by the Pennsylvania Court of Appeals to support the State District Court, which dismissed the Trump headquarters lawsuit, which demanded that nearly 700,000 ballots be invalidated.

“As part of the Pennsylvania lawsuit, specific charges have been made and we have solid evidence. Some people just don’t want to see it. They don’t want anything to do with saving our country. It’s sad!” – considers the President.