Tikhanovskaya is very eager to meet Putin

The self-appointed “head of the opposition of Belarus” Svetlana Tikhanovskaya expressed a desire to talk to Vladimir Putin

She stated her wish in an interview with Radio Liberty, which was published on Saturday 28 November.

“We would like to present our viewpoint, we would like to hear Russia’s position on the Belarusian issue. We are neighbours. And we will continue our relationship in the future. I would like to talk to you. And the Belarusians are looking forward to it. Not the support of the regime, but statements about Belarusians, about our desire to build our future together, not through the efforts of one person”, –  said Tikhanovskaya.

According to her, the Belarusians have seen that the Kremlin has actively “supported Lukashenko’s regime.”

“And, as we see, then Russia supported the regime. But now there is a certain process of waiting, waiting, waiting”, –  said the oppositionist, adding that there is no active support from Russia now.