The UK Foreign Office has expressed concern over the murder of a nuclear physicist in Iran

The head of the UK Foreign Office, Dominique Raab, also said that the UK authorities are waiting for the full details of what happened

The UK authorities are alarmed by reports of the assassination of nuclear physicist Mohsen Fahrizade in Iran and are waiting for the full details of the incident to be made public. This statement was made on Sunday by the UK Foreign Secretary, Dominique Raab.

“We are concerned about the situation in Iran and in the region as a whole, and we look forward to reducing tensions”, –  said the head of the British Foreign Office in an interview with Sky News. – “We still expect to be fully briefed on what has happened, but I would say that we are committed to international humanitarian law, which prohibits attacks against civilians.”

On Friday, Fars reported the assassination attempt on Fakhrizad in the Damovend area of Tehran province. The Ministry of Defence later confirmed that the scientist was wounded and died in hospital. ISNA was informed that the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army, Seyed Abdol-Rahim Musawi, said he was involved in the assassination of Israel and the USA. The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet commented on the assassination of an Iranian nuclear physicist.