The assassination of an Iranian nuclear physicist could be a trigger for U.S. warfare

Konstantin Kosachev, Head of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, said that the murder of Mohsen Fakhrizade, one of the creators of Iran’s nuclear programme, testifies to his readiness for large-scale combat operations, he said on his Facebook

In his opinion, a trigger is needed to start a war, which could well be the death of an Iranian physicist.

“Dangerous games, the consequences of which are not predictable, but precisely negative. And the blame for this is not on the Iranian leadership”, –  Kosachev said.

In his opinion, there is nothing surprising about the fact that Tehran first of all pointed to the guilt of the USA and Israel in the murder.

“Whoever is behind this murder can certainly be described as a terrorist attack aimed at destabilizing the region, as well as provoking a harsh reaction from Iran”, –  said the Russian senator.


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