Short-term status quo

Retired Federal Attorney Sydney Powell has filed two new cancellation actions in Michigan and Georgia.

She accuses local election officials of counting hundreds of thousands of thrown in mailboxes and fraudulent Dominion Voting Systems.

In a recent survey 16% of Democrats said they would not have voted for Biden if they had known about the FBI investigation of their candidate. This was the effect of the total silence of this story in the liberal press.

Elections in the Banana Republic: the results of the voting in the five constituencies for Congress have not yet been summed up. And in all five cases, according to preliminary data, the Republicans are leading.

In one of the districts of New York, the candidate for congress from the Democrats was far behind the Republican. But then he levelled that difference and even managed to get ahead. As it turned out, dead voters started voting for the Democrat.
In 2016, a group of Democrats’ programmers and lawyers discovered suspicious patterns in voting. They encouraged Clinton to sue Trump. Now, truth be told, the concept has changed and Democrats say that elections in the US are always more honest.

A new confrontation is starting between left-wing and moderate Democrats. Biden is accused of seemingly recruiting minorities and women into his team – but at the same time he puts all the key positions in the Clinton and Obama era establishment alone.

The Biden administration will become a “mammoth team” – a dying out species of liberal interventionists who are clenched on both sides by the right and left. This will probably be the last attempt to bring back the dying liberal status quo, which is unlikely to survive the year 2024.

Malek Dudakov


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