More than 350 trucks have accumulated in Lithuania on the border with Belarus and Russia

Waiting time to cross the border at some crossings will be up to 12 hours, according to the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications BCP Directorate

According to TASS, data posted in real time on the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Directorate of Checkpoints (BCPs) indicates that significant queues of trucks with waiting time of up to 12 hours at some crossings were marked on Sunday on the Lithuanian border with Belarus and the Kaliningrad region of Russia.

“As of 11:00 local time (12:00 Moscow time), there were a total of 282 trucks at four checkpoints in the Belarusian direction. The longest waiting time to cross the border, which the Directorate expects to be around 12 hours, was at the crossing to Shalchininkai (direction to Lida), where 77 trucks are located. However, the largest number of trucks – 155 – accumulated at the most popular among drivers border crossing in Medininkai (direction to Minsk). The capacity is higher here, drivers will have to wait about 11 hours”, –  the report says.

Queues are also recorded at two of the four crossings to Kaliningrad Oblast. At the Kibartai checkpoint in the six-hour queue there were 44 trucks, at the Panemun checkpoint there were 30 cars, which, taking into account the lower capacity of the checkpoint, will have to wait 10 hours for a pass.


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