Former advisor to Trump’s headquarters filed a $75 million lawsuit against the US authorities for illegal surveillance

The statement of claim underlines that the US Department of Justice and the FBI, which is part of it, had no basis for tracking and investigating Carter Page

American political consultant Carter Page, who was an advisor to Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters during the 2016 presidential race, has filed a lawsuit against the US authorities for being under surveillance. This was reported on Saturday by the Fox News channel.

As Paige’s lawyer Tony Parliamentarian told reporters, his client is demanding $75 million from the U.S. Department of Justice and its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The lawsuit stresses that these agencies had no reason to start following Paige and investigating him. The defendants include former FBI Director James Comy.

According to the Parliamentarian, there are four companies working on this case. According to the lawyer, Paige believes that the chances of winning this case are high. The consultant was one of the foreign policy advisors to Trump’s headquarters, which is now the President of the United States. In the past Paige worked in Russia. In September this year, Lindsay Graham, Chairman of the US Senate Legal Committee, said at a hearing that Paige was an informant for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In December 2019, the Inspector General of the US Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, published the results of an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the start of surveillance of Trump headquarters by US intelligence agencies. He identified, among other things, 17 significant errors in obtaining authorization to monitor Page. The sanctions were based on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the provisions of which Trump has repeatedly criticised.