Bolton: Iran’s authorities faced a very difficult situation after the assassination of scientist Fakhrizade

Former US National Security Assistant to President Donald Trump believes Mohsen Fakhrizade “played a key role in Iran’s attempts to acquire nuclear weapons”

The Iranian authorities found themselves in a very difficult position after the assassination of nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizade, who probably had not yet decided how to proceed in this situation. This opinion was expressed on SNN on Saturday by John Bolton, former Assistant to the President of the United States, Donald Trump for National Security, who was also previously the American postpresident to the UN.

When asked what the Iranian leadership could do in light of what has happened, he replied: “I don’t think they know themselves. I think they have had serious setbacks in recent years. Al-Quds Force Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Kasem Suleimani was killed. Attacks were carried out on some of their most important facilities relating to the nuclear programme and ballistic missiles.

“This shows that those behind the attacks can end up in Iran almost anywhere”, –  said the former presidential aide, who supports the United States’ strict policy towards Iran.

“I think they are in a very difficult situation”, –  he said, referring to the authorities in Tehran.

Talking about who exactly is behind Fakhrizade’s death, Bolton added: “Obviously, it was Fakhrizade who was the target and that he was killed. We do not know who exactly. We can only make assumptions about this”. When asked whether the American side could have been involved in Fakhrizade’s murder or was aware in advance of the plans to do so, he replied: “We have to wait for the information to be published.”


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