Times: Biden is ready to offer McCain’s widow the post of US Ambassador to the UK

Former U.S. Ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner is also named as a candidate for this position

Joseph Biden, who is predicted by leading American media to have become the elected President of the United States, is prepared to offer the post of Ambassador to the UK to the widow of Republican Senator John McCain, who died in 2018. This was announced on Saturday by The Times, citing a source in Biden’s entourage.

According to the source, Cindy McCain will receive the post of American Ambassador to London “if she is interested”. He also stressed that it is Senator Biden’s widow who owes his success to the state of Arizona, where since 1952, with only one exception, only Republican candidates have won. Biden received 49.4% of the vote in Arizona and the current president, Donald Trump, 49.1%.

Cindy McCain, who spoke in favour of Biden, could tilt the scales in favour of the Democrat, while admitting that she had voted exclusively for Republicans since she was 18. Senator McCain himself, in spite of a serious illness, criticized Trump fiercely in his final years of life and opposed his initiatives, while he was friendly with Biden.

Cindy McCain, 66, runs numerous charity projects and owns Hensley&Co, one of the largest distributors of beer and a number of other drinks in Arizona. The Times calls her an anglophiliac and writes that she has many connections in the United Kingdom, while also noting that she may lack the experience to take on a responsible position. Another candidate for the post of United States Ambassador to the UK is former US Ambassador to the EU, Anthony Gardner.