The United States is concerned about external forces trying to “undermine” the UN peace efforts in Libya

This statement was prepared in connection with the imposition by Washington of sanctions against the Libyan group Kaniyat and its leader Mohammed al-Kani

The US authorities are concerned about attempts by external forces to “undermine stability in Libya” as well as the UN efforts to establish peace in that country. This was stated by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Friday.

“We remain concerned about the [actions] of Libyan and external actors working to undermine stability in Libya and the UN’s peace efforts, including [within] the framework of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum”, –  Pompeo said in a statement issued by the State Department press office.

The statement was prepared in connection with the imposition of sanctions by the United States against the Libyan group Kaniyat and its leader Mohammed al-Kani. “Kaniyat, according to the U.S. authorities, is on the side of the Libyan National Army (LNA) and “is responsible for the killing of civilians recently discovered in the discovery of mass graves in the town of Tarhuna, torture and forced abductions”. The US Treasury Department announced the relevant restrictions on Wednesday.

According to Pompeo, earlier in November the US proposed the imposition of UN Security Council sanctions against this group. “We are deeply disappointed that Russia has blocked the proposed sanctions, especially in light of well-documented human rights abuses. Russia’s intransigence only reinforces the need for the international community to seek accountability and end the impunity that fuels the conflict in Libya,” says the chief of American diplomacy.

“These sanctions [by Washington against Kaniyat and its leader] show that the United States will take concrete steps in response to serious human rights violations that contribute to undermining peace, security and stability in Libya,”, –  Pompeo added.


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