Iran has accused Israel and the USA of killing nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizade

The US points to Israel. Fakhrizade, head of Iran’s research and innovation centre, known as the “father of the country’s nuclear programme”, was killed on Friday in a bomb attack in Absard, 170 km from Tehran.

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani accused the US and Israel of being behind the killing of Iranian nuclear physicist Mohsen Fahrizade.

“Once again, imperialism and its Zionist hirelings have staged bloodshed and the death of an Iranian scientist”, –  he said.

According to The New York Times, citing American intelligence officials, the US believes that Iran’s accusations against Israel “may be justified.

The Israeli embassies in Iran have already been placed on “high alert”.

However, it is not specified whether the White House was aware of the operation. The US Central Intelligence Agency as well as Israeli officials refused to comment on Fakhrizade’s death.

It should be noted that the assassination of the scientist could significantly complicate the efforts of US President-elect Joe Biden to renew the nuclear deal with Iran, from which the United States withdrew under Donald Trump.