Britain is concerned about recruitment by Ukrainian nationalists

A network of Ukrainian right-wing groups operates outside the country to recruit people, while establishing links with other similar groups around the world and seeking funding for their activities

A report from the Centre for Combating Digital Hate (CCDH), based in London, shows this.
In particular, the experts described the principles of organizing the work of some such radical groups from Ukraine.

“The online network of right-wing social media accounts disclosed in this report is based on an internationally influential offline network of right-wing extremists operating outside Ukraine. This offline network uses Facebook and Instagram to attract a new audience with its dangerous ideology, to establish links with the ultra-right groups around the world and get funding for its activities”, – the report says.

They noted that the radicals have had some success, as some neo-Nazi supporters arrested in the UK and the US have “taken inspiration from them”. This, they said, is a “worrying trend”.

According to CCDH, Ukrainian nationalists are spreading their ideology and literature to third countries and looking for like-minded people.