Anti-government actions organized by the women’s protest movement take place in Poland

Several hundred people joined the demonstration in Warsaw

Anti-government actions organised by the Women’s Strike protest movement take place on Saturday in Poland. According to the TASS reporter from the scene, several hundred people joined the demonstration in Warsaw.

Protests that began in Poland after the threat of a ban on abortion due to fetal pathology appeared in the country have now grown into actions against the policy of the authorities in general. They take place regularly in different cities of the country. This time, demonstrations planned for Saturday in more than 40 cities in Poland will mark the 102nd anniversary of Polish women’s voting rights.

“We wanted to celebrate the day when 102 years ago women were granted the right to vote. Unfortunately, in recent weeks the government has made enemies of us and viewed us as its political opponents, not as sovereign or citizens. In addition, they send their services, police and propaganda media to us”, –  said the organisers, emphasising that the entire state apparatus is used to silence protesters. –  “It is not for this reason that we won our civil rights more than a century ago to allow the authorities to deprive us of our human rights”, –  says the official page of the Women’s Strike on Facebook.

Reinforced police patrols are on duty in Warsaw. Through loudspeakers, law enforcement officials are calling on people to disperse, as mass gatherings are prohibited in the republic because of the pandemic. The overwhelming majority of the protesters came to the demonstration wearing medical masks. They plan to march along the city’s main streets, blocking traffic. The route is kept secret.