With the new president, Moldova has 4 scenarios – the worst of them is the most likely

Maia Sandu, a protégé of the Western elites, as president of Moldova, may well repeat her experience of the times of a short premiership.

As previously reported by News Front, according to the results of the presidential elections in Moldova, the leader of the pro-Western Action and Solidarity party, Maia Sandu, won. In the second round of voting, she won 57.75% of the vote.

The current head of the republic, Igor Dodon, believes that his successor has four possible scenarios for acting as president.

The first scenario is cooperation with the current government and parliament.

As you know, today the socialists remain the largest faction in the legislative body, and the cabinet of ministers is loyal to Dodon. In this regard, it is possible that Sandu will seek a vote of no confidence in the government. To do this, she will need to collect a sufficient number of votes of deputies.

The third scenario implies an urgent start of negotiations with parliamentary factions in order to reach a consensus and avoid another political crisis. Dodon stressed that through negotiations, Sandu could well form a new parliamentary majority and get a vote for early parliamentary elections.

Dodon considers the fourth scenario to be “the worst” and most likely. When Sandu herself headed the government, she quickly realized that she was not coping with the post of prime minister. Then she tried to bypass parliament to get the right to single-handedly nominate candidates for the post of prosecutor general. In the end, she only achieved her resignation through a vote of no confidence. Posing as a victim, Sandu returned to the opposition. It is likely that she will do the same now.

“The new president will try to make himself a victim, he will put forward populist demands to the current government, without demanding his resignation. A period of deadlock will come”, – Dodon explains.

In this regard, the current president called on the successor to take full responsibility for the situation in the country, in particular, responsibility for the economic crisis and the spread of the coronavirus.

“We are ready to help you. We will even vote for the new government if you take responsibility”, – he said.