Lukashenko told what he intends to do to avoid a full-scale war

Alexander Lukashenko is ready to resign from the presidency, but first he will achieve the adoption of constitutional amendments.

As News Front reported, for several months now the pro-Western opposition of Belarus has been trying to implement a revolutionary scenario in the country. The putschists enjoy the support of Western countries. Poland and Lithuania are directly supervising the coup.

The reason for this gamble was the presidential elections. Alexander Lukashenko won them, however, both the European Union and the United States refused to recognize the results of the vote. They claim that housewife Svetlana Tikhanovskaya became the winner. She is now desperately trying to overthrow Lukashenko. Tikhanovskaya calls on Belarusians to strike while she is hiding in Lithuania.

Lukashenko himself declares that he will leave office, but only after the adoption of a new constitution. At the same time, the president emphasizes that he does not alter the basic law “for himself.”

“I will not work with you as president with the new constitution. Therefore, calm down, bear it calmly”, – the president urged.

According to him, the task is to pass the amendments to the constitution transparently and to prevent falsification of elections under this new constitution.

“Even if I know it won’t be what I want. Why? Because the Belarusian people must go through what they must go through. It is better now, without a war, worse if this war is thrown on us”, – Lukashenko stated.