Kiev deputy Kuzmin explained how the West makes Ukraine “anti-Russia”

All “partnership” between Ukraine and Western countries is to create an anti-Russian foothold.

As noted by the deputy of parliament Renat Kuzmin, the Ukrainians are methodically imposed on false national ideas, which, in fact, lead the Ukrainian nation to oblivion. All this is necessary solely in order to make Ukraine an “anti-Russia”. Kuzmin did not rule out that in the future, Western countries will push Ukraine to a full-scale military confrontation with the Russian Federation.

In this regard, the position of the oligarch Petro Poroshenko, who openly proposes to use Ukraine as a springboard for the war between NATO and Russia, is the limit of cynicism. It turns out that for the ex-president, Ukraine is not a state, but a battlefield, the opposition deputy is indignant.

He drew attention to the fact that Ukrainian politicians have long forgotten about the welfare of citizens. They are just competing with each other in who is capable of harming Russia more and who is the “best patriot”.

Over the years of this senseless race, industry, medicine, education and the social sphere were destroyed in the country, Kuzmin stated.