It is beneficial for IMF that Ukraine lives in debt – Palitsa

The leader of the party “For the Future” Igor Palitsa said on the air of the talk show that the representatives of the International Monetary Fund dictate to Ukraine what the tax policy should be.

“An IMF official speaks and says: we are against Ukraine’s abolishing income tax and introducing a tax on withdrawn capital. This is how the whole Baltics and Georgia work. This means that enterprises will not be able to pay income tax on their income, and if they use funds for development and investment, increasing capacity, jobs, and the state’s GDP, they pay zero tax. If you decide to take dividends, they pay 8-9% tax. We are prohibited from doing this by our external partners. Because it is profitable for them that Ukraine lives on debt”, – said Palitsa.

According to him, the country is taught to live in debt. And many more generations of Ukrainians will have to give up what is now thoughtlessly occupied by the Ukrainian authorities.