EU approves plan to increase influence in Moldova during Sandu’s tenure

The Council of Europe approved the Action Plan for Moldova for 2021-2024, as the protege of the Western elites, Maia Sandu, won the presidential elections in the republic.

According to a circulated press release, the plan aims to “further improve the country’s legislation, institutions and practices in line with European standards in the field of human rights, rule of law and democracy”.

“Despite some progress, problems remain in the republic from the point of view of effective implementation of reforms, including those in the sphere of justice”, – the statement said.

The Council of Europe intends, among other things, to work with the Moldovan authorities in areas such as legal aid, mediation and reconciliation in criminal cases, combating drug abuse and drug trafficking, protecting human rights in health care and addressing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic impact, especially on social rights.