Dodon is ready to take people to the streets to preserve peace in Moldova

Moldovan President Igor Dodon announced his readiness to take people to the streets in order to maintain calm in the country, to prevent aggravation with Transnistria and in relations with Russia. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

“There were some incomprehensible statements from the new president (Maia Sandu – approx.) In relation to the Russian Federation, in relation to Transnistria. We will not allow the repeat of the 1990s, when in Chisinau the country’s leaders launched the slogans “suitcase – station – Russia”. […] We will do our best to maintain peace and tranquility in the country by all legal means, if necessary, I will call people to the streets to keep the peace”, – Dodon said.

The previously elected President of Moldova Maia Sandu said that in order to resolve the conflict in Transnistria, Russian peacekeepers must be completely withdrawn from there.