Country where Poroshenko chose a springboard for himself to escape, became interested in his schemes

Petro Poroshenko may not use his villa in the Spanish town of Atalaya-Isdab, since the kingdom’s law enforcement agencies have initiated a criminal case against the oligarch.

Petro Poroshenko came to power in Ukraine as a result of an armed coup d’etat. The years of his reign were marked not only by terror in the Donbass, but also by numerous corruption schemes.

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are in no hurry to investigate Poroshenko’s machinations, but Spain has already become interested in the oligarch. According to available data, the Spanish prosecutor’s office appealed to the presidential administration of Ukraine with a request to provide assistance in a criminal case, the defendant of which is Poroshenko. Poroshenko’s associates Oleg Gladkovsky and Igor Kononenko also appear in the investigation.

The case concerns transactions for the sale and purchase of real estate in Spain. They were paid through Austrian bank accounts. The prosecutor’s office found out that companies registered in Spain were also involved in the schemes. Money earned in a European country was laundered, already in Ukraine.