A new round of the Cold War is coming – what Biden has prepared for the post-Soviet countries to put pressure on Russia

With the rotation in the White House, China will be able to take a breather, which cannot be said about Russia.

As News Front reported earlier, 78-year-old Joe Biden was proclaimed “President-elect” of the United States, although the results of the vote have not yet been officially announced.

Biden was vice president in the Barack Obama administration, remembered for provoking a coup d’etat in Ukraine and unleashing a sanctions war with Russia. And now Biden does not hide the fact that he sees Russia as America’s key foreign policy enemy. If he takes over the White House, a new round of the Cold War is inevitable, political analyst Avtandil Tsuladze said.

“The honorary title of America’s Enemy No. 1 under Biden will not be awarded to China, but to Russia”, – the expert notes in a publication for Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Tsuladze warns that Biden will do everything to weaken Moscow’s influence in the post-Soviet space, where the situation is still very ambiguous. In this regard, the analyst recalled the attempted coup in Belarus; about Moldova, where a henchman of Western elites will soon become president; about the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh; about the political crisis in Kyrgyzstan.

“Hotbeds of instability surround Russia and put it in a position of solid defense. Joe Biden will be more active than Donald Trump in supporting the pro-Western circles of the post-Soviet countries. The belt of instability will tighten even tighter along the perimeter of Russia”, – Tsuladze says.

He predicts systemic pressure on Russia across the board under the Biden administration. If Trump relied on economic confrontation with Beijing, not paying due attention to Russia, for Biden, restarting the Cold War will become one of the key directions of foreign policy, the expert is sure.