Lithuania is betting on “new Chernobyl” to replenish its budget

From now on, the Lithuanian government can claim higher compensation if a disaster occurs at the BelAES

To date, Minsk is actively cooperating with the IAEA on safety issues at the BelAES.

“Seven international missions have been conducted since the inception of the project. As in no other new country, perhaps”, –  said Deputy Head of the Agency Mikhail Chudakov.

Despite this, the Lithuanian government declares that the nuclear power plant is a threat and has even signed international agreements, which will make it possible to claim damages and receive higher compensation in case of a nuclear accident.
At the same time, the authorities of the Baltic Republic do not even hide the fact that they are trying to gain political leverage over Minsk by betting on a disaster comparable to the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

“Joining international indemnity agreements will strengthen our ability to claim damages in the event of a nuclear accident. And at the same time we will have a political tool to hold Belarus accountable at an even wider international level”, –  said Lithuanian Energy Minister Zygimantas Vaiciūnas.