Five people are executed in the United States before the inauguration of Biden – CNN

The American authorities plan to execute five death sentences of the convicts before the inauguration of the elected president of the United States, who according to the leading American media, became Joe Biden

This is reported by the CNN TV company.

According to CNN, in December Brandon Bernard, who killed two people together with an accomplice in 1999, and Alfred Bourgeois, who was sentenced to death for violence and murder of his daughter in 2002, will be executed. In January, Lisa Mongoliaeri, who strangled a pregnant woman to death in 2004, will be executed. In addition, in early January will be executed drug dealer Cory Johnson, for the murder of seven people in 1992 and Dustin Higgs, who ordered the murder of three women in 1996.

“If all these death sentences are carried out, the number of criminals executed by the federal authorities over the past six months will reach 13”, –  noted the TV company.

The death penalty in the United States is used in 28 states. It is legalized at the federal level. Last year the American authorities executed 22 people.