Democrats have no reason to claim victory over Biden – Newsweek explains why Trump should not give up

Contrary to all Democratic statements, Donald Trump is still President of the United States and Joe Biden is just the supposedly elected head of state

As News Front reported earlier, Biden was proclaimed elected President of the USA when the final results of the vote were not yet known. The votes of a huge number of Americans were not taken into account. Despite this, liberals criticize every Trump’s statement, accusing him of violating democratic norms, and the president’s publications on social networks are marked as “misleading”.

As Newsweek notes, the situation is hardly fair. No one was outraged when Hillary Clinton called Trump “an illegitimate president” last year. Nobody cared about the violation of democratic norms, when for four years the liberals claimed that the 2016 elections were allegedly rigged with Russian support. Twitter was in no hurry to tag the publications that accused Trump of collusion with the Kremlin without proof.

“It is quite true that the smooth functioning of a representative government depends on a peaceful transfer of power. Such a transfer will indeed take place on the day of inauguration, as required by the Constitution, if Biden’s victories are confirmed”, –  the material says. – “But pay attention to the “if”, which is also stipulated in the constitution. Contrary to Twitter warnings, there are no ‘official sources’ that will somehow sum up the presidential election before the votes of the Electoral College are approved.”

Trump’s decision not to retreat is therefore more than justified. What is not justified is the arrogance with which Democrats are pushing for Trump to give up power right now, after four years of desperate resistance.

“They are not looking for the ‘unity’ or ‘reconciliation’ that Biden talks about”, –  writes Newsweek. – “Concessions to the Democrats promote reconciliation in the same way that a schoolboy who gave money to a bully for lunch.”