Contracts will be cancelled – Tikhanovskaya on relations with Russia after the coup in Belarus

If the pro-Western opposition seizes power in Belarus, it will renounce the agreements with Russia that concerned the integration of the two countries

For several months now, the pro-Western opposition of Belarus has been trying to implement a revolutionary scenario in the country. The Putchists have the support of Western countries. Poland and Lithuania are directly responsible for the coup.

The reason for this adventure is the presidential election. Alexander Lukashenko won the election, but both the European Union and the USA refused to recognise the results of the vote. They claim that the winner was Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a housewife. Now she is desperately trying to overthrow Lukashenko. She urges Belarusians to strike while she herself is hiding in Lithuania.

Tikhanovskaya’s position in relation to Russia is paradoxical. She claims that she advocates “friendly and partnership” relations with Russia. At the same time, the leader of the pro-Western opposition refuses to respect bilateral agreements. In the interests of her Western sponsors, Tikhanovskaya is ready to terminate the Russian-Belarusian agreements, which will lead to a natural diplomatic crisis.

“Whatever Alexander Lukashenko agrees on, he has lost the support of the Belarusian people”, –  believes the Western protégé. – “It means that all his transactions and agreements will be reviewed and cancelled by the new government”.