AFP: four other students were charged with the murder of a teacher in France

The police detained four teenagers on Monday and Tuesday

The court brought charges against four other schoolchildren in the case of the murder in mid-October of Samuel Patit, a teacher in the town of Conflant- Saint Honorin near Paris. This was reported by Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Thursday, citing sources.

According to him, three of them are accused of ‘complicity in a terrorist murder’; they are suspected of helping the terrorist identify the teacher as he was leaving the educational institution. The charges of false denunciation were brought against the daughter of Brahim Shnina, who distributed a video critical of the teacher who showed the children cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. He is also a figure in the investigation.

According to the AFP, the police detained four teenagers on Monday and Tuesday. According to a source in court, they were left free under judicial supervision after being charged. The total number of people prosecuted in the teacher murder case has thus risen to 14, according to Agence-Presse.

On 16 October in the French city of Conflant-st Honorin (Ile-de-France metropolitan area), a radical Islamist killed Samuel Pati, a history and geography teacher who had previously shown his students cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed published by Charlie Hebdo five years ago in a class on freedom of speech. Macron then warned that the French authorities would “actively fight against radical ideology bearers and the associations they have formed” and would not ban the publication of cartoons.”