The process of transferring authority to Biden has begun in the USA

He presented a plan for the first 100 days

Acting President Donald Trump, meanwhile, never admitted defeat and announced that he was preparing a major new lawsuit.

The U.S. federal agencies have begun the process of transferring authority to Joseph Biden, the alleged US presidential election winner. He outlined his plans for the first 100 days after his inauguration on Tuesday and also spoke about some of his administration’s foreign policy priorities.

Meanwhile, the current US President, Donald Trump, never admitted defeat and announced that he was preparing a major new lawsuit. During the day, the Republican again pointed out several times the irregularities and falsifications that he believed had taken place in the elections and in the counting of votes, but the American leader and his electoral headquarters abstained from any decisive action.

Biden will start receiving intelligence reports

Biden told NBC that he will probably receive the first reports of the American intelligence services, which are regularly prepared for the American leader, on Wednesday. The White House told Reuters, citing a source in the current administration, has allowed Biden to provide this information.

The Democrat also specified that his assistants have already been contacted by staff from the current US administration, including those in charge of national security matters. According to Biden, this happened as soon as the Office of General Affairs of the US Administration expressed its readiness to start the process of transferring presidential powers to him. Trump said on Monday he advised the head of the agency as well as his administration to “do what is necessary” to transfer power in the country. However, the head of the White House stressed that he would not accept defeat in the elections.

The Democrat assured that contacts with the Trump administration representatives “were good faith”. He noted that the issue of obtaining information on existing plans for the distribution of vaccine against the new coronavirus in the country by his transition team is currently under consideration. Biden added that he had not yet spoken to Trump himself.

US Department of Defense officials have already met with Biden’s aides as part of the transition process. US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told Fox News that the foreign ministry he heads is doing everything legally necessary to transfer authority to the next administration.