The outgoing US administration is preparing new sanctions against Russia

According to the draft version, the US may impose sanctions against the Russian Ministry of Defence

RIA Novosti became acquainted with the project of new anti-Russian sanctions prepared by the administration of Donald Trump. According to the agency, the sanctions are being prepared against 28 organizations in the aviation, space rocket and nuclear industries, instrument and engine building and research centres.

“The draft sanctions list further includes an unnamed FSUE associated with the Kremlin administration. These are the first enterprises of Rosatom and Roskosmos: two institutes from among the leading organizations of the nuclear weapons complex Rosatom, which participated in the creation of promising weapons, and two organizations of Roskosmos – a scientific institute and manufacturer of rocket and space technology,” – the report says.

Also in the list of Russian companies that may face sanctions, more than 10 enterprises of civil aviation, manufacturers of helicopter equipment and aircraft engines, developers and suppliers of aviation materials and systems of air traffic organization.

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented in his tg-channel on the plans of the outgoing US administration.

“The Trump’s administration is leaving, but is still trying to hurt Russia as much as possible. We can assume that Biden will continue this course, even with more zeal. Under the Democrats’ administration there is a high probability that the US will intensify the ongoing Cold War against Russia and turn it into an “ice war””, –  Pushkov wrote.