Biden said that he could eventually appoint Republicans to his administration

The Democrat explained that such appointments should not be expected anytime soon

Democrat Joseph Biden, who is predicted by leading national media to have become the elected president of the USA, may appoint representatives of the Republican Party to some positions in his administration, including those who supported American leader Donald Trump in the elections, but it is not planned to do so in the near future. The politician made such a statement on Tuesday on NBC TV.

When asked if he had considered such a possibility, Biden replied: “Yes, we still have many appointments to make. I want the country to be one”. “We must not allow political dialogue to be so angry”, –  he added. The Democrat explained that the Republicans should not wait for these appointments any time soon.

Biden also allowed candidates for ministerial positions in the new administration to nominate their former one-party rivals in the presidential race. The politician was asked whether he had discussed the possibility of appointments to his cabinet with former rivals, including Senators Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) and Bernie Sanders (Vermont). The Democrat responded that the politicians in his future administration are “already sufficiently represented” in the most progressive wing of the party. “But nothing can be ruled out,” he added. As Biden stressed, “taking people out of the Senate, taking people from the House of Representatives is a really difficult decision.

Warren and Saunders were Biden’s rivals in the fight to get Democrat candidates for the US presidency. Both legislators emerged from the race and announced their support for Biden.