Biden reports that he has spoken to more than 20 world leaders in recent time

The Democrat stressed that “America will regain its place in the world and will form coalitions”.

Democrat Joseph Biden has spoken to more than two dozen other leaders after being called the elected president of the USA by the leading media. The politician said this on Tuesday on NBC TV.

“I have already talked to more than 20 leaders. And they are all really very happy and excited to some extent. America will regain its place in the world, will form coalitions,” he said. Biden said he made the following clear to his interlocutors: “America is back. We are back at the head again”.

The Democrat said on 10 November that he had spoken to “six world leaders already”. As he explained then, contacts took place with representatives of the UK, Germany, France, Ireland and Canada, among others.

The general elections were held in the country on 3 November. According to leading media reports, Biden secured the support of more than 270 voters, whose votes he needed to win over Republican Donald Trump in his fight for the post of head of state. The Democrat declared that he had won. Trump, who was running for a second term, did not accept defeat and announced that he had decided to go to the courts to count the votes, because he believed that there had been numerous violations during the election by the Democrats.